Brad Pitt Movie Set in Philly But Filmed in Glasgow Opens This Weekend

Due to the state of Pennsylvania’s occasional, shall we say, recalcitrance regarding the city of Philadelphia, there were budgetary issues that prevented World War Z from filming here. Based on a novel set in Philly, the zombie film was slated for a Philly shoot when tax exemptions didn’t come through with the necessary alacrity. Disappointed, the filmmakers had to make do with Glasgow as a Philadelphia stand-in, for better and worse.

Below, some stills and screen grabs that show how Glasgow looks when it’s tarted up as Philly, and what CGI can do that the state of PA wouldn’t. Some of it is rather impressive, but don’t get excited about the video game, which doesn’t even try to use Philly. Instead, it says: “Meanwhile, in Denver…” Fie.

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