37 Things to Consider Before Moving to Philadelphia, Written By a Man in Seattle

One of our favorite real estate bloggers, Ryan Nickum of Estately, has been to Philly once, for three days, and yet feels secure enough in his understanding of the city to make a list titled “37 Things to Consider Before Moving to Philadelphia.” Oddly enough, Nickum has picked up a great deal of information about Philly’s character simply from writing about its real estate listings, so this list isn’t bad–though he’s clearly the master of the backhanded compliment.

For instance: Philly has a lot of murders–but not too many! It has a lot of stores that only take cash–but Etsy has lots of Philly-themed money clips! If you want to gain weight, go to Philly and get fat like everyone else! But most of the picks are solid: great art, great food, bikeability, walkability, great beer, “it’s not New York,” etc.

Let’s tell Nickum what he got wrong and right. He loves feedback.

37 Things to Consider Before Moving to Philadelphia [Estately]