Property’s Morning Obsession: “Invisible River” at Strawberry Mansion Bridge

Strawberry Mansion Bridge isn’t something folks think about a lot, even with the changing lights that now underline its curves. But Alie + the Brigade did an outdoor performance project, “Invisible River,” last night that involved two performers hanging from the bridge and doing aerial ballet above the water while haunting choral music played. The grassy banks were crowded with spectators amazed by what they were seeing–these two people who coordinated their movements, their dance in the air, in a rather beautiful and courageous fashion.

The performance was almost canceled due to problems with L&I. Alie’s thanks to the city is post-show announcements was interestingly phrased: “I want to thank the city of Philadelphia as much as it was difficult to work with you in the past few days.”

The performance will run next Sunday as well, and according to the troupe leader, who spoke afterward, the piece is meant to connect the audience to the river. “So many people have lived in Philadelphia their entire lives,” she said, “and have never been on the river.”

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