Latinos More Focused on Home Ownership Than African-Americans or Whites

A new study by Better Homes & Gardens of the three largest ethnic groups in the country reveals that while the groups are pretty much agreed that home ownership is important and desired, there are slight differences among them.

For instance, while the majority of people in all three groups see homeownership as “the greatest indicator of status,” 65 percent of white people shared this view compared to 78 percent of blacks and Hispanics. Hispanics were also more focused on saving for a home than either blacks or whites.

Interestingly, African-Americans are more interested in living in the suburbs. Only one in five Caucasians said they want to live in the town where they grew up.

Hispanics have far more optimism about the housing market. Ninety percent of them thought their children would have a better life with a larger home, whereas only 73 percent of cranky white people thought so.

There’s more comparisons where those came from:

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