Eagles’ 2013 Offseason: Jeff Lurie and Co. Hit North Philly With Paintbrushes

Yesterday the Eagles–players, coaches, cheerleaders, etc.–went to the William D. Kelley School to make a sort of crappy asphalt wasteland (no offense intended) into a happy playground graced by a colorful mural. Lots of kids were on hand to greet the players and have their shirts autographed, and then everyone settled in to do some work, much of which involved painting a wall that was designed in conjunction with the Mural Arts Program. Jeff Lurie seemed especially peppy while painting, perhaps due to his recent nuptials.

The team members installed a slide and some playground equipment, while Swoop–no doubt sweating furiously inside that bird hat–danced with some local fans. Not all the cheerleaders wore hats, which seems like a big mistake. Ladies, your youth is your currency; get thee to Mitchell & Ness for some caps.

This is the 17th Playground Build the Eagles have done. We bet for a lot of the kids on North 23rd Street, yesterday’s visit and playground spruce-up was better than all the Super Bowls in the world.