Pennsylvania Is One of 11 Best Places for Bigfoot to Live. Aren’t We Proud.

Pennsylvania scores another accomplishment: being named as one of just 11 states in the nation that’s fit for Bigfoot to inhabit. Granted, this is rather a hypothetical achievement since Bigfoot doesn’t really exist except on the Discovery Channel or History Channel or Learning Channel or some other channel that has ceased to include programming for intelligent human beings. But hey, we’ll take what we can get given how moronic Pennsylvania often looks to the rest of the country.

Don’t think that’s true? Check out the item’s accompanying blurb. First there’s the story of a Bigfoot tracker who said the creature attacked his Winnebago, and then there’s the “enthusiastic” Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.

For the other 10 honored states, see 11 Best States for Bigfoot to Live.