“Sweet Retreats” Features Philly Rentals—Including a Houseboat

Houseboat at Penns LandingThe Living Well Network’s Sweet Retreats featured Philly a few episodes back. Two women, Kathy and Meredith, go looking for a weekend rental that will accommodate five women for a “girls’ weekend.” They’re happy to share bedrooms, as long as there are at least two bathrooms, a large common space and a good location.

Our favorite rental they look at, if only for novelty’s sake, is a Penn’s Landing houseboat. One of the women refers to a “P. Diddy yacht-style party” they might have, but it’s a sarcastic reference: Both ladies seem to have local accents, and one is delighted by the presence of red Solo cups in the cabinet. This is Philly, through and through.

The boat has a fully outfitted kitchen, one bathroom, one bedroom, and a sofa that folds out into a bed. These days the boat rents for $150 per night.

Houseboat at Penn’s Landing