Property’s Morning Obsession: “Don’t Worry Be Charlie” T-Shirt, a Cliff Lee Favorite

In a recent game against the Cincinnati Reds, Cliff Lee was inexplicably picked off as pinch runner and made a crap ninth-inning mess of it. The Phillies won anyway, but even better than the surprise win was the attention his locally made t-shirt received by national press. The shirt, which reads “Don’t Worry Be Charlie,” is one of a series of Philly-centric beautes by South Philly print shop Hog Island Press. Here’s a Manuel inspirational quote that goes with the shirt:

“You know what they call that? Baseball. I’ve been in baseball for 40-some years and I haven’t been able to figure this game out. That’s what makes you care. That’s what makes you come back the next day and try harder. It’s hard to explain this game. It’s amazing.”

For those who aren’t sports fans, check out Hog Island’s very funny South Philly parking t-shirts, which allude to the unconventional parking habits of the neighborhood residents, as well as the chairs that mark the spots in a very codified, official fashion.

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And by the way, last night Cliff Lee threw a shutout against the Marlins doing what he does best: pitching. No more pinch running for this guy.

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