Property’s Morning Obsession: Phillies T-Shirt Skirt to Welcome the Season

Like real estate listings copy, Etsy item descriptions can sometimes be a little hyperbolic. Here, the enthusiasm is expressed by the punctuation:

Love baseball?? Philadelphia Phillies?? Then, this skirt has to be in your wardrobe!! You will love wearing it!! Great to wear at the ball games when it is warm out and you stay & look super cool!!!

Also, the “super-cool” is in the eye of the beholder.

Wear it with flip-flops in the spring/summer and leggings & boots in the fall/winter!! Super cute & comfy!!

We agree flip-flops would probably do more justice to the skirt than the bedroom slippers pictured here:


And is our imagination or is the model a man? Come to think of it, a guy wearing a Phillies skirt to a game would say something admirable about his rejection of gender norms. Go for it, guys!

Note: “The hem has a wavy look because it was cut with a ‘funky’ blade.”

To tell the truth, though, we do love the “old” logo here, but there’s a range to choose from. Any diehard Phillies fan will appreciate the concept–and the listing copy.

Philadelphia Phillies T Shirt Skirt