Somewhat Like the Pope, the Inflatable Rat Now Gets a -Mobile

Perhaps it was inevitable that the most recognizable symbol of Philadelphia labor protest, the big, inflatable rat, would eventually be modernized. All these years? The animal airbed must have been a bitch to carry and inflate at one protest and another. Now Local 98 brings Philly the Rat-mobile, a minivan whose conversion cost $14,000.

It’s not hard to guess where the Rat-Mobile is headed: to Post Bros. properties. That’s the company that, for the first time in city history, undertook a huge residential project without exclusive use of building trades labor. The ensuing mess is now the stuff of legend, but after an intervention by Philly’s Dr. Drew (aka Bob Brady), relations are better. At least, with everyone except Local 98, whose Rat-Mobile will be hitting the next Post Bros. site hard.

Local 98’s John Dougherty says the Rat-Mobile will also go to the Jersey Shore this summer.

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