The Daily News Has Update on Boy Scouts Building, With a Little Italiano

Philly_ScoutAt long last, the saga of the City vs. the Cradle of Liberty chapter of the Boy Scouts is over. The Scouts have owned one of the most beautiful buildings on the Parkway since 1928, but the City only started waging legal war against them since 2008. From the Daily News, emphasis ours:

In its suit five years ago, the administratino argued that the Scouts were violating the city’s anti-discrimination policies by operating on city property and refusing membership to homosexuals.

Sì, è vero, ma ora è tutto finito because a settlement has been reached. It’s pretty far from what the Scouts initially wanted for the improvements they made to the building, which was in the millions. But it is $825,000, which ain’t chump change.

The shocker here is that it’s finally over. Back in March 2008, Joey Sweeney wrote rather Nostradomusly: “Something tells us we have not seen the end of this story by half…” Oh, JoJo. How right you were.

City, Boy Scouts reach deal over building [DN]