Property’s Morning Obsession: The PHL Project by Monica O

These colorful and beautifully designed representations of Philly’s most iconic buildings are the object of today’s obsession-and every day that artist Monica O releases a new one. Here’s how she describes the motivation behind the series:

I bought a bike, had it for less than 24 hours before it got stolen. My friends and I got our house broken into and everything was taken when we lived on Bouvier St right off of Temple’s campus. Septa’s pretty gross but I still love Philly and this is my new project. I’m going to start a series of buildings I see on my walk from Center City to Market East station everyday.

She’s already completed the Drake, the Cira Center, Independence Hall and a couple others. Prints start at a rather reasonable $15.

The PHL Project

Via Philly Love Notes‘ Twitter feed