You Ought to be in Pictures: Best Ways to Showcase Your Home in Photos

It’s common knowledge that photos of your home are vital when trying to sell it, but simply snapping a few shots with your iPhone won’t cut it in today’s day and age. Most buyers start their search online at sites like, and when they find a property they’re interested in, they want to see pictures—lots of pictures. In some cases, buyers will rule out homes that lack photos or have bad photos. So how do you know if your selling strategy is picture perfect? We talked to experts to find out the best ways to showcase your home in photos and compiled these rules:

1. Take as many pictures as possible. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) allows up to 25, so take advantage and showcase your home inside and out 25 different ways. Buyers want to see exteriors, kitchens, family rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms in particular.


2. Clean up the rooms. Just like preparing for an open house, when photographing your home you want the rooms to look spacious, clean and decluttered—even consider removing personal photos or mementoes. A neutral palate allows a buyer to see themselves living there.


3. Take photos in good light, during the day. Poorly lit shots can make your rooms seem dingy and dirty and turn off potential buyers. The one exception to daytime-only photos is for houses that twinkle at night. If your home has a fabulous lighting system, include a few evening shots.


4. Hire a professional. Professional photographers have an eye for finding the best lighting and angles to enhance a room’s appearance. And if you can splurge, you may want to bring in a home stager as well to give you an impartial opinion on how to best present individual rooms and make sure no throw pillow is out of place or frame crooked.


5. Get up close. If there is a particular architectural detail that gives the home character, celebrate it in a photo. You want buyers to know that your house is a one-of-a-kind gem.