Mystery Real Estate: Gold Club to Open in Northern Liberties, But Where?

The Gold Club Center City, which bills itself as a “world famous gentleman’s club,” will soon add to its renown with a new location in Northern Liberties. The Center City strip joint is at the end of Chancellor Street, that little alley by Applebee’s on 15th. Programming is rather diverse, from the burlesque Peek-a-Boo Revue to “performances” by porn stars (“Sex Machine” Kendall Karson will be there April 26th and 27th, FYI).

In March, a Philadelphia Speaks member predicted a NIMBY heart attack as a result of the below image on the Gold Club Facebook page:

That prediction would make good sense if the club were actually going to be in Northern Liberties as most people define it. But on the same Facebook page, the Gold Club also posted a bunch of notices like this one:

Club Ozz, for those unfamiliar, was a rather seedy strip joint at 1155 North Front, or Front and Girard right under the El. It was on the market for a long time–a tough sell, to be sure. To call that corner “Northern Liberties” may be borderline correct but feels qualitatively dishonest–though it’s nice to spare Kensington a negative association for a change. (Which is not to say a gentleman’s club is negative. It’s just a NIMBY heart attack waiting to happen.)

At any rate, the fact that the Gold Club is saying Club Ozz is in Northern Liberties tips their hand that the new “Northern Liberties” Gold Club is none other than Club Ozz. But just to be sure, we sent an email and got this response:

Thank you for wanting to do a write up. I’m sorry however our location is secret , however I will defiantly let you know as we get closer.



Sigh. I guess we’ll have to wait. Patience, friends.

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