Hottest Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Fishtown/Kensington

This month’s Philadelphia Magazine Real Estate issue is devoted the Hottest Philadelphia Neighborhoods–both in the city and in the ’burbs. No. 2 on the city list is Fishtown/Kensington, for a whole host of reasons.

Talk to people who grew up in Fishtown in the ’80s and ’90s–and deliberately got out–about the neighborhood’s 21st-century renaissance and Stephen Starr’s investments, and they get a dazed look. It’s as though there’s an alternate universe, like everyone in Fishtown is spinning around in a giant Tardis. But they need to get over the shock; it’s almost passé to call Fishtown an up-and-comer. Kenzo, on the other hand–with so many true believers–is just starting to gain the mainstream momentum it so richly deserves.

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