Property’s Morning Obsession: Kids’ Rooms You’ll Want for Your Own

Lonny’s “How to Design a Kids Room Your Children Won’t Outgrow” is so enchanting, it’s enough to make you decide to have kids even if you haven’t planned on it. The idea is to create interiors that won’t have to be changed every time the child goes through a new developmental stage–and that will be just as stylish as the rest of the house.

Lonny’s recommendations include the use of sophisticated colors, which will work as long as you don’t have a child who’s screaming for pink walls, and the use of adult furniture. Instead of buying one of those ugly gliders that end up on the street or on Craigslist, why not invest in a beautiful chair (it can be a rocker) that you’ll want to keep? Whether the kid likes it or not, these rooms are completely exquisite, so if they don’t want to use these bunk beds, we will.



How to Design a Kids Room Your Children Won’t Outgrow [Lonny]

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