Main Line Monday: Gladwyne Home With Backyard Tree House and Personal Zip Line!

main line monday logoThis five-bedroom home has a lot of terrific features. The listing says it’s not a cookie-cutter house, an important distinction with relatively new construction (the home was built six years ago). The shape of some of the rooms is rather unique–the dining room, in particular, curves in unexpected ways. But perhaps the most singular element of the house is not indoors, but outside.

A deck out back provides a view of the woodsy area on more than an acre of land. There’s a masonry fire pit which could be used for private Burning Man bonfires. But most exciting of all, there’s a treehouse with its own zip line! Sure, the house has more than 6,000 square feet, but does that even matter when there’s a treehouse outside with a zip line? We hope the next buyer doesn’t have children, because they’ll never locate them again.

1014 Merion Square Rd, Gladwyne, PA 19035