Bucks County Log Cabin Fulfills Every Valley Forge Fantasy But Won’t Turn You Into Richard Proenneke

How many Delaware Valley schoolchildren each year are forced to trudge across iced-over mud and listen to history lectures at Valley Forge? Thousands, maybe millions. How many of them remember the actual history and its import rather than how cold it was or the fact that Jacob accidentally aspirated a peanut and had to go to the hospital? Nonetheless, ask any of them as adults if they think it would be cool to live in a log cabin, and the first thing they’ll say is, “Hell, yeah! Just like Valley Forge!”

There are two ways to have a log cabin as an adult: as a vacation home or as a prim/ary residence. Few residences in and around Philadelphia are made of logs, with the notable exception of the Northern Liberties a log cabin.

Right now, however, there’s a pretty cool get-away-from-it-all log cabin just a bit more than an hour away from Philly, and it’s just $300,000. You think that’s a bit much for a small 1 bedroom cabin, and you could build it yourself for less? Friend, you haven’t been watching enough PBS. If you had, you’d know the sweat equity would turn you into a lonely old man.

The house sits on 11 1/2 acres and is a dream for a horse owner, with five standing stalls and a tack room. The sale is being handled by Cindy Stys Equestrian & Country Properties.

5065 Lehnenberg Rd, Kintnersville PA