Property’s Morning Obsession: k YODER Design’s Locust Street Baths

For its most recent project, Philadelphia architecture and interiors firm k YODER Design took on one of the most bedeviling renovation design challenges: the bathroom. How to make a place that’s filled with so many givens, and dedicated primarily to utility, sing aesthetically? And, harder yet, how to do so sustainably? Kevin Yoder’s modern eye has the aesthetic challenge nailed, but in this case he went further by employing Lithoverde, a recycled natural stone product for a sustainable bathroom renovation.


Lithoverde is composed of 99 percent post-industrial recycled material. It’s fairly new, and was introduced as an installation, “House of Stone,” which had a little bit of a Rothko Chapel vibe. Of course, no one showers in the Rothko Chapel, but with skylights and the natural stone, the master bath in this home may give the owners an idea of what it would be like if they could.