UPDATED: Jon Bon Jovi’s Unpretentious $42 Million Penthouse

Is it possible that there are still people in Philly who don’t know what Bon Jovi has done for this city and for neighboring New Jersey? The housing development, the hunger activism, the work on poverty–he’s a serious philanthropist who makes this city and its neediest people a priority.

Does he have an incredible $42 million penthouse? Sure, but while the Real Estalker critiques Bon Jovi’s renovation because he made the rooms smaller, we find that insanely endearing and so very Philly–especially this part (emphasis ours):

The penthouse has two U-shaped kitchens, one off the main living space on the upper level and the other slightly smaller one off the 1,100-plus square foot so-called “Great Room” on the lower level. Both kitchens are equipped with custom cabinetry and top of the line appliances, natch, but, oddly enough, neither is much bigger than what one might safely expect to find in a mid-priced suburban tract house.

That’s because Jon Bon Jovi will always be, at heart, a down-to-earth guy–kajillionaire or no.
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This post has been updated to clarify Jon Bon Jovi’s connection to Philadelphia.