What Does a 4BR Victorian Home in Fairmount Sell for These Days?

Sometimes a home’s interior requires a potential buyer to use some imagination. This is especially true when the home’s seller has plastic slipcovers on the furniture, unappealing tchotckes and wall decorations, and when a beautiful banister is mysteriously topped with a fragment of pink fabric. The industrial carpet and wood paneling upstairs require some rose-colored glasses as well.

But get beyond the surface, and this home has a lot to offer.

– Woodwork — the mantels, the built-in armoire, the banister, the spindles.
– Enclosed backyard
– Basement
– Bay windows
– Lots of space

Of course, there are problems, too. If you’re of a glass-half-empty cast of mind, you might see it differently.

– The fireplaces are walled up
– The enclosed backyard is made of cinder blocks
– The basement is unfinished
– Bay windows and space can’t make up for that yellow bathroom

The house is in the vicinity of 22nd, 23rd, Poplar, Corinthian — that area. It was on the market for a bit more than a year, starting with an asking price of $379,000. It recently sold for $338,000.