Smiths Restaurant Is At It Again, Doling Out Sexism Along With Its Stupid Asterisk

Ah, Smiths. No, wait. Sorry. It’s *smiths. The Center City restaurant and bar on 19th Street between Market and Sansom touts its happy hours and big-screen TVs and for some reason thinks that having its name in lowercase with an asterisk in front makes it cool. Also cool: chalkboards in the window that feature sexist messages–scrawls like, “I like my beer like I like my violence…domestic.

That one spurred anger from Women Against Abuse, and got Facebook heated up. Supposedly, the female employee responsible for the message was fired, but the chalkboard abuse continued with a reference to a jilted guy killing his ex-girlfriend with a bus.

smiths restaurant chalkboard

And now, today, we have this pair of beauties, one about blow jobs, the other about inner beauty. While our photographer snapped the photos, two men passing by stopped in their tracks, stunned. “It sure does get you to look at the place,” one said. It sure does.