Adorable Society Hill Trinity That Has Nothing to Do With Stephen Starr

Is this Lombard Street home not the most adorable of all adorableness? The curving wall by the staircase, the fireplace, the yellow kitchen, the brick courtyard, the old hardwood floors in the bedroom, the purple shutters and green door–it’s too much. With just one bedroom in 945 square feet, it’s somewhat close quarters, but there is a basement, and along wit the pictured outdoor space, it’s right across from Starr Garden playground, which has a baseball field and basketball courts.

In case you’re wondering how great an asset proximity to Starr Garden might be, head over to Yelp for a review:

As a result of someone flagging my previous review of Starr Garden Playground, it has come to my attention that I haven’t been paying attention and that the Starr Garden Playground has apparently nothing to do with Stephen Starr. No connection whatsoever. Zero. Zip. None. Nada. (Other than sharing a surname, of course.)

This obviously changes my opinion of Starr Garden Playground. Starr Garden Playground now seems to me to be nothing more than your exceedingly average Philadelphia playground/park. Not too nice. Not too shabby.

So there you have it. The asking price for the home is $379,900. It was last sold in 1995 for $100,000.

609 Lombard St. #R Philadelphia PA 19147