Gorgeous Triple Creek Farm Is $2M or $8M, Depending on Your Point of View

farmhouse friday iconTriple Creek Farm in West Chester is a stunning estate. The 18th-century 8-bedroom stone colonial is surrounded by 10 acres of ponds, perennial gardens and specimen plantings; an outdoor seating area by the house shelters visitors with heritage trees. Also outdoors there’s a pool, kitchen with a big grill and pastures and a riding ring for the horses. Along the side of the house, there’s a small green house with a stone wall. Inside, many rooms hew to the country past, with period mill work, hardwood flooring, wooden roof beams and a tile and copper kitchen. Some rooms have been renovated and upgraded, with new ceiling beams or antique wallpaper to mitigate a too-new look. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just looks a little tacky. The dressing room is one space that’s entirely contemporary, while another room has a strange mural on the wall with a buffalo and a hopping frog. In addition to the main house, there’s also a bank barn. In all, Triple Creek has a current asking price of $2.45 million.

But wait. There’s another option. In addition to the above property, there’s also the contiguous 1420 Oakland Road property, which is also for sale. The house on that land is not attractive: It was built 20 years ago, and it looks it. But it does come with 74 acres right along Triple Creek Farm. That means if the Triple Creek buyer also bought the unappealing home at 1420 Oakland Road and its very appealing 74 acres, they’d wind up with an 84 acre estate unlike any other in the area. And surely there’s something that can be done with that house. Stick a jobless millennial or two in there, or a senior citizen after all the money runs dry. The catch? That latter property will cost $6.29 million.

The Triple Creek Property is listed four times on the MLS right now–twice at $2.45 million and twice at $8.35 million. That suggests (rather confusingly) that there might be a package discount if the properties are bought together.

• More info: 106 Bellefair Lane, West Chester, PA