“Young Professional Roommate” Needed to Live With VERY Young Professional

This is young professional Justin Waeffler, 10, inventor of the Lampz!, the headboard with a solar-powered reading lamp. He works at a pharma company just outside Media. He lives with three roommates and three cats. He is smiling in this photo but is somewhat resentful that his roommates did not mention him in the ad, especially because he’s the one who cleans the kitty litter:

Three Roommates currently live in the house. Sebastian, Kaitlin, and Georgio. Sebastian and Kaitlin are a 20 year old couple that share a room. They have three very friendly kittens that stay on the top floor. If your OK with cats, you’ll love these guys. Sebastian works full time at Indian Orchards and is an active musician but doesn’t rehearse at the house. He can usually take care of any household problem E.G. blown fuse, plumbing issues, etc. Kaitlin works part-time and attends PSU Brandywine. Georgio is finishing up his senior year at PSU Brandywine. He’s rarely home but if he is he tends to keep to himself. **420 friendly Please**

$600 YOUNG PROFESSIONAL- Roommate Needed (Media) [Craigslist]