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Holy Child Academy, Drexel Hill


Holy Child Academy is an independent, Catholic school for boys and girls in Nursery through Grade 8. The school’s location in Drexel Hill, PA, a diverse, near-the-city suburban neighborhood, creates an accessible geographic convergence of people and cultures. Within a small, action-oriented community, faculty work purposefully with students from Montessori through Middle School to build confidence, encourage creativity, and develop character from the earliest ages. As a result, students are empowered to shape the future with a sense of gratitude and a joyful spirit.

What is your teaching or educational philosophy?

Holy Child Academy (HCA) recognizes the individual gifts and talents of each child. It is committed to a program that engages students at every stage of their emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, social, and spiritual development. HCA promotes personal responsibility, community service, and an appreciation of diversity while inspiring students to shape the future with a joyful spirit and creative optimism.

What is your mission statement?

At Holy Child Academy, each student's unique talents are celebrated and contribute to a thriving scholastic community. Inspired by the educational ideals of Cornelia Connelly, founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ), we approach all children as individuals and meet each student’s needs. Our faculty and staff stimulate eager minds with challenging academic and extra-curricular programs designed to enrich and fascinate. We emphasize respect for the individual, and we are dedicated to the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of each child.