6 Delicious Signature Wedding Cocktails Made With Philly Booze

Why go Tito’s when you can go local?

Illustration by Meryl Rowin

Our city is in the midst of a distillery and brewery boom — which means there are more options than ever if you want to drink local wedding cocktails on your special day. Here, we tapped Walnut Street Cafe bar manager Samantha Germani to dream up signature wedding cocktails infused with Philly-made booze. Cheers!

White Dress

This refreshing beverage will keep you hydrated — and won’t leave a stain if you spill.

Local Spirit: Penn 1681 rye vodka from Philadelphia Distilling.

Recipe: Mix 2 oz. of Penn 1681 with 3 oz. of coconut water, then add individual dashes of lemon, lime and orange bitters. Fill a collins glass with ice and decorative citrus slices before pouring the concoction in.

Gazing Groom

Early-afternoon receptions call for a punchy margarita. This one will bring the heat for a summer celebration.

Local Spirit: Vicio mezcal from Dock Street Spirits.

Recipe: Combine 2 oz. each of Vicio mezcal, blood orange juice and lime juice with ¾ oz. agave nectar and three dashes of Bitterman’s “Hellfire” bitters. Rim a rocks glass with togarashi and salt; garnish with a lime. Shake and strain the drink over ice into the glass.

Gold Ring

This boozy lemonade is sharp and refreshing, ideal for an outdoor wedding. Plus, it looks great in pictures. (In 2018, that’s key.)

Local Spirit: Kinsey bourbon from New Liberty Distillery.

Recipe: Mix 2 oz. Kinsey bourbon with eight mint leaves, two muddled lemon wedges, and ½ oz. each of yuzu juice and simple syrup, then pour into an ice-filled rocks glass.

She Gets The Last Word

A riff on a classic gin cocktail that’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Local Spirit: Odd Fellows No. 214 gin from Manatawny Still Works.

Recipe: Stir together ¾ oz. each of Odd Fellows gin, Luxardo and St. Germain liqueurs and lemon juice. Serve in a cocktail glass with a Luxardo maraschino cherry-garnished rim.

Gentleman’s Old- Fashioned

Perfect for while you’re getting gussied up. Also, rum always brings the party.

Local Spirit: Small Batch rum from Manatawny Still Works.

Recipe: Stir 2 oz. Small Batch rum with ¼ oz. Luxardo cherry juice and three dashes of Fee Brothers’ “Old Fashioned” bitters. Serve over ice in a rocks glass; garnish with an orange wedge.

Pimm’s Cup #18

A Pimm’s has a summer feel. With the addition of a light pilsner, it becomes an all-day drink.

Local Spirit: Bohemian pilsner from Dock Street Brewery.

Recipe: Shake 2 oz. Pimm’s No. 1 and ½ oz. lemon juice together, then pour over ice in a collins glass. Add 3 oz. Dock Street Bohemian pilsner; garnish with cucumber and lemon slices.

Originally published as “What’ll It Be?” in the Summer/Fall 2018 issue of Philadelphia Wedding magazine. Get your complimentary copy here

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