This Is the Healthier Way to Manage Your Wedding To-Do Lists (According to Science)

Turns out there's an easy way to not drive yourself nuts.

Our buddies over at Be Well Philly recently broke down a study on to-do lists—well, on the psychological impact of the various ways of keeping and managing to-do lists—that immediately made us think of our harried brides and their notebooks, binders and Post-its.

During my wedding planning, I would vary between keeping excessively detailed lists and not keeping any lists at all, having gotten overwhelmed even by the task of making a to-do list. (I had somehow managed to juggle the last few months of wedding planning with my biggest deadline of the year and moving. It was not great.)

Well, this study suggests that those daily, detailed lists you’re keeping with every minutiae of your life and wedding mapped out on them could actually be making you a bit nuts—”catastrophically demotivating,” actually—and that broader lists (say, with more of a monthly kind of scope) are actually very effective without making you nuts. Such advice could be especially helpful to you right now, yes? Read about it here.

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