Ask the Expert: How Soon After My Wedding Should I Preserve My Bouquet?

An example of one of Hana Willow's shadow box bouquet preservations.

An example of one of Hana Willow’s shadow box bouquet preservations.

Question: I want to preserve my bouquet, but do I need to get it to the preserver before we leave on our honeymoon? Or can I hang it upside down until afterward?

Answer: “The best plan is to get the bouquet to whoever is preserving it as soon as possible after the wedding—we recommend within about four days,” says Stefanie Kitcher, floral preserver and artist at Old City’s Hana Willow Design. (She also suggests appointing a loved one to keep and deliver the bouquet after the wedding.)

Until then, “Keep the bouquet in water, even the fridge if possible.” If life happens, though, don’t sweat: Miracles can still occur. “The flowers will likely need to be painted, because hang-drying often turns them brown—but it’s still doable, and they usually come out looking great.”

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