Picture of the Week: The Moment Before

Phillies David Buchanan Wedding

Photo by JPG Photography

From photographer Joe Gidjunis of JPG Photography:

Ashley and David {Ed Note: As in David Buchanan, Phillies farmhand pitcher} wanted to have a moment together before their wedding began at St. Mark’s Church, but they didn’t want to actually see each other. So we discussed a “first touch,” because it would give them a chance to center themselves on this new adventure together without spoiling the tradition they wanted to share of seeing each other down the aisle for the first time.

We made sure to remove everyone else from the area to give them as much privacy as possible, and then just told them to be themselves and enjoy this privacy, which is often rare for couples on the wedding day. David’s reaction to Ashley is what I always hope to document for all of my couples: He’s a tall, confident southern gentleman, always saying sir, and minding his manners. Seeing him show such raw emotion for Ashley added a powerful moment to their amazing day.

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