This Twitter Love Story That Ended in Marriage Is the Best Thing Ever

I had seen this headline a few times yesterday, and am now kicking myself that I didn’t immediately click on it and bring myself the joy that I am feeling right now. So in case you hadn’t seen it yet, please, allow me:

A few years ago, a nice girl and self-proclaimed book nerd named Victoria Carlin in London noticed that the tweets coming from a bookstore in town—Waterstones—were extremely clever, adorable and funny, and so she herself declared on Twitter that she might actually be falling in love with whoever handled their social media account.

Jonathan O’Brien, the clever, adorable and funny tweeter behind the @WaterstonesTRC account responded, the two went back and forth, and then one day, after Victoria saw Jonathan tweeting about wanting some donuts, she strapped on her Brave Pants, bought some donuts, headed over to the bookstore, waited in line, and handed them over. She then bolted.

Jonathan eventually reached back out, though, the two had lunch, and, well, omg, now look!

It’s just so cute, and they are so cute, and this story is so cute, and I love her dress (some Twitter stalking revealed she got it here). We’ve heard about some social media-wrought marriages before, but I don’t know, I think this one takes the cake.

What do you think, cutest story ever?

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