PW Reader Ring: Victoria & Zachary!

Vicky's ring!

Vicky’s ring!

The couple: Victoria Cozens and Zachary Waxman, from Fishtown.

The ring: Zach picked out the ring with help from his mom, dad and sister; it’s from Sydney Rosen Company on Jewelers’ Row. I had always (not so subtly) talked about my perfect engagement ring, and he listened! This is my dream ring.

I was told later on that Zach was very particular about the details and made sure it was perfect for me. I couldn’t be happier with this gorgeous ring!

The proposal: Zach and I have been best friends since we were 14, and began dating two years ago. Zach is known for faking proposals and jokingly bending down on one knee. It’s normally at holidays, parties or fancy dinners where our families are together and a girl would think, “This is the time it may happen!” His famous line is, “Well, since everyone is here.”  I always told him that when he was actually proposing, I’d think he was joking.

The proposal happened at the (very wet and rainy) finish line of the Hot Chocolate 15k at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I’m a runner and I turned Zach on to the sport, and now it’s something we do together. This 15k was the first race we trained for and ran together, and it’s the longest race that Zach has ever ran!

At the finish line, I was surprised to see both of our families cheering us on (this didn’t seem weird to me as we’ve been surprised by our families before). As I’m hugging everyone, Zach was mischievously pulling the ring out of his pocket and patiently waiting for me to turn around. (I later found out that he ran the entire 15k by my side with the ring in a pocket on his chest!) When I turned, Zach said his famous words, “Well Vicky, since everyone is here…” and got down on his knee. I, of course, thought he was joking and ran away! He ran towards me with the ring in hand and I said “yes” after screaming “no way, you are joking” more than once. I was completely surprised and overjoyed.

The band: We will definitely make our way back to Sydney Rosen for the band. I’m thinking something really sparkly and also rose goldmixing metals is a trend I really love.

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