Taking Your Wedding Dress on a Plane? Read This First



Today we stumbled upon some incredibly valuable information that any bride who plans on flying with her wedding dress should read up on ASAP. Destination brides, we’re looking at you…

If you think traveling with your gown will be as easy as having a flight attendant safely stash it away in a special closet for the duration of the flight, think again—unfortunately it’s not all that simple, so says the New York Times.

While such closets do exists, it’s not a guarantee that your particular plane will have one, or that there will be enough room in it to store your dress. The same goes for the overhead bins: No bride wants her beloved gown smushed by a bunch of roller bags, so if your plan is to store your dress above your seat, you’ll want to speak to a gate agent before boarding.

One final note to keep in mind: Your wedding gown (in its garment bag) will be considered a carry-on, so to adhere to the one-personal-item-and-one-carry-on policy most airlines have in place, you’ll want to check any additional baggage.

Take a good look at all of the in-flight tips here. Your gown is, after all, one of the most precious (and pricey) purchases you’ll ever make, so do yourself a favor and take a few extra precautions to ensure it arrives at your destination in perfect condition.

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