Gossip and Speculation on the Airing of Jade & Tanner’s Bachelor in Paradise Wedding

Last week we learned that the sure-to-last nuptials of Jade and Tanner from the second blessed season of Bachelor in Paradise were indeed going to be televised by ABC, and would be aired “within the next few weeks.” So that sounded like they were getting their own wedding special—as opposed to weirdly tying the knot in the first few minutes of the sure-to-be-awkward Bachelor in Paradise season 3 premier, a la Lacy and Marcus—and now we might have a bit of info that shed lights on when and how this is all going to happen. (What? You know your DVR and bottle of pinot are waiting.)

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Now, I usually stay away from Reality Steve while a riveting season of The Bachelor is in play, because I find that when it comes to this particular show, spoilers just make the hours of my life that I spend parked on the couch in front of it even more pointless, if that’s possible—but, I will allow the ever-informed Inquisitr to break it down for me/us: Supposedly, the actual wedding will take place on January 24th, and supposedly, it will air on Valentine’s Day.

So while that would mean this isn’t a live gig, unlike Sean and Catherine’s wedding, it is a special dedicated to their I Dos, which usually means lots of backstories and preparation footage and etc., etc., etc. Which I’d rather see, I think (on my recording, finger hovering about FF), than the random blip that was Marcus and Lacy’s “wedding.”

Whenever this goes down, will you watch? Come on. Join us.

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