This Local Groom Surprised His Grandma at the Hospital and Her Reaction Will Definitely Make You Cry

Rachel Nolan/Hello Gorgeous Photography

Rachel Nolan/Hello Gorgeous Photography

When a colleague passed along this Buzzfeed story about a bride and groom who surprised his grandmother by making a visit to her hospital room on the way to their wedding reception, we knew it was worth sharing—her reaction is so adorable it is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

What’s even better, though, is that the couple is local (they’re from New Jersey) and their photographer, Rachel Nolan of Hello Gorgeous Photography, was more than happy to share the entire emotional story with us.

Get your tissues ready, folks:

“After Brian and Lauren’s ceremony at St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church in Madison, New Jersey (it’s where Brian’s grandmother and his parents were married), we were on our way to take portraits in a local park when the couple mentioned to me that they wanted to make a small detour on the way back to the venue—to visit Brian’s 91-year-old grandmother at the hospital. She had fallen and broken her ankle and just that morning found out that she wasn’t going to be able to attend the wedding.

“Brian’s grandmother had been so excited for this day; she was living for this wedding. She was told that Brian and Lauren would probably stop by the day after the wedding on their way out of town, but that didn’t keep her from getting dressed up in her amazing outfit and putting on her fancy shoes and corsage. She was the grandmother of the groom, after all, and regardless of the situation she had a job to do, so she sat there in her wedding outfit thinking of her sweet grandson.

“She truly had no idea that Brian and Lauren were going to take time out of their wedding day to come see her, and I think that is part of what made it so special. When we walked into that room, she was just floored; she was beside herself. She just kept saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re here!’ and thanking them profusely for coming to see her.

“The way she held their hands, touched their faces and just looked at them, you could tell they had such a special bond. I don’t think she let go of Brian’s hand the entire time that we were in that room. Honestly, I was worried that none of the images would turn out since at one point the tears were falling so hard I couldn’t see a thing!

“Not a month after these photos were taken, Brian’s grandmother passed away. On that day, I realized how special this moment was. This was likely the last time that they were all together before she passed, and it was such a happy day, such a happy memory. To witness moments like this is an incredible thing, but then to turn around to the family and give them something tangible, something that they can look back on and remember it with?  As a photographer, that’s why we do what we do.”

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