8 Easy Ways to Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is overwhelming in and of itself, and if you’re one of those people who can never seem to get their ducks in a row, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Between vendor meetings, dress fittings, endless checklists and a stack of bills to pay (plus the hustle and bustle of everyday life), there are a lot of moving parts involved in pulling off the wedding of your dreams and the only way to keep everything on track is to stay as organized as possible.

Whether you prefer Excel sheets, notes typed out on your iPhone or the good ‘ol paper and pen method, getting your wedding to-dos written down is the first step to keeping everything in order—this way you’ll be able to scratch off what’s been done and have a clear idea of what still needs to be tackled. A pretty monthly planner used strictly for wedding-related dates and appointments and a binder to house vendor contracts and bills will also be helpful tools in making sure nothing gets lost or looked over.

And that’s just the start: Staying organized while planning your Big Day has a lot to do with time management, too. Setting aside time each week to focus on planning—and getting started early!—will make the whole process much easier.

That’s a lot to take in, we know, but it’s all broken down for you right here. Just follow these guidelines (which we think are pretty on point) and you should have no problem staying organized (and sane) while piecing together your Big Day.

Happy planning!

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