This Seattle-based Startup Will Pay For Your Wedding, As Long as You Don’t Get Divorced



If you’re in need of a bit of extra cash to help pay for your Big Day, this news may be of interest: A new Seattle-based startup (it’s launching in February) is offering to fund your wedding—but only if you’re confident that your marriage will last.

The company is called SwanLuv, and they’re willing to hand out loans for up to $10,000 to soon-to-be newlyweds who think their relationships will stand the test of time. Here’s the catch: if you get divorced, you have to pay them back, interest and all. (And yes, in case you were wondering: They’re counting on the funds from the couples who have to pay them back to fund the wedding loans they offer.)

SwanLuv is currently accepting applications, at which point they’ll assess each couple and determine an offer; interest rates are set based on how strong they perceive your relationship to be. (Yep: They use online data and algorithm software to determine risk—or, otherwise, guess at how likely you are to make it in the long run.) The company also has plans to offer free marriage counseling, should you need it.

We, for one, are curious to see if people will actually use the service. Would you and your S.O. apply for a loan like this?

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