Study: Sorry Short Dudes, But Women With Taller Husbands are Happier



When most women say they want a guy who’s tall, it’s usually followed by an explanation about wanting to wear heels without towering over their significant other. (Or, you know, something about what whole tall, dark and handsome thing.) And that’s a valid reason, for sure, but we’ve got another incentive for choosing a dude with height: Science now says that women with taller husbands are happier.

A new study out of South Korea polled 7,850 married Indonesian women and found that the greater the height difference between a couple, the happier the wife was (though this is only true for the first 18 years of marriage Who knows what the deal is after your platinum anniversary.).

It doesn’t seem to be that cut and dry, though—the article also mentions a handful of different studies that tout the benefits of choosing a shorter guy. Here’s a glimpse at the stats:

  • Guys who are 5’7″ or below do more housework and are less likely to get divorced.
  • Men under 5’9″ (which is the U.S. average) have more sex.
  • On average, shorter guys live two years longer.
  • And, according to one dating website, since shorter guys tend to be less popular, there’s usually more of ’em available.

So, make what you will of that: It looks like, according to science, at least, whether you go for short, domestic and randy or tall and (mysteriously) happier, you’ll be all set.

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