This Bride Went Through My Worst Elevator Nightmare And Lived to Get Married Later That Day 

I heard this segment on Good Morning America the other day, and stayed right where I was in my bathroom, applying mascara. I could tell they were showing lots of photos of the incident, and I didn’t want to see them.

You see, just before their ceremony, Liz Copeland and Harry Stein piled into an elevator with a ton of their peeps—24 people, all told, actually, from grandparents to wedding planner—and it got stuck for half an hour.

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As an intensely claustrophobic person, many of my friends and colleagues know that were I to ever get stuck in one of the persnickety elevators here at Philly Mag Headquarters, I would more than likely have to crawl home to my bed upon rescue in a pile of anxiety and tears, not able to blog, speak, or be otherwise productive until my lungs had filled themselves with all the free oxygen they could muster. And this chick giggled and posed for photos (her photog was one of the lucky people trapped in the steel sweatbox), then went ahead and got married immediately after being released!

She is a true hero. And I now know that I can weather any mishap on my wedding day, as long as it isn’t this.

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