Picture of the Week: Are We Done Yet?

Photo by BG Productions

Photo by BG Productions

From photographer Cathie Berrey-Green of BG Productions:

Melissa and Lloyd knew they wanted an “unplugged” wedding—it was very important to them that their guests enjoy the day and be totally present for their ceremony. They also wanted to make sure that there weren’t phones, cameras or iPads in their beautiful wedding photos!

Their wedding was a family affair and they wanted to include these three awesome little fellows in the ceremony, so what better way to let their guests know that they were serious about having an unplugged wedding than to have the boys carry these signs? I got this photo as the guys were chilling on the side during the ceremony. By that point they were getting a bit bored and restless, hence the hilarious “What you talking about Willis?” expression on the little dude in the middle.

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