This Wedding Photographer Shot Her Own Wedding & We’re Kind of Loving the Images

I am always curious to see who a wedding photographer chooses to have photograph their wedding. An event florist can design his own floral arrangements (even if someone else executes them that day) and a designer can design her own dress, but a photographer just cannot swing being their own vendor on their Big Day.

Or can they?

We were all so intrigued by this post on PetaPixel about a photographer in Estonia who decided to be, well, her own wedding photographer on the day she and her husband tied the knot.

Starting with waking up on the morning of her wedding, Liisa Luts shot into mirrors, took snaps from your typical selfie angles and simply kept the camera trained on her perspective—hopping in the car with her husband after their ceremony, laughing with friends, hugging relatives—right up until the couple went to bed that night.

It’s not something that we imagine would be enough for a lot of photographers tying the knot—we think that this perspective in addition to having someone else capture all the moments of your day, from the typical outside perspective, might be a good combo—but we found the results to be so charming and different and really intimate in a lovely way. And in any case, we’ll always cheer any couple’s really cool creativity when it comes to their wedding day.

What do you think? Would these shots be enough for you?

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