Tell Us Your Stories of Your Lost & Found (Or Just Lost!) Engagement and Wedding Rings 



It’s kind of crazy how often a ring-recovery story shows up in the news, isn’t it? You know—like, a couple will move out of the home they’ve been in for 45 years, a young couple will move in after them and do some renovations during which the wife’s wedding rings, lost some 40 years ago, come flying out of one of the old pipes. Happy tears and warm and fuzzies all around.

Of course, it’s awesome when a lost-ring story does end with the warm and fuzzies—but they don’t, always. Sometimes, the lost rings remain a mystery—insurance kicks in, replacements are procured—or at least, they do for now. (Stay tuned in 45 years.)

Well readers, we want to hear your tales of lost rings—engagement, wedding, yours or your spouse’s—whether the ending is happy (we won’t believe where it turned up!) or hasn’t ended happily yet. Send ’em in, and we just might select yours to be featured on the back page of the upcoming spring/summer 2016 issue of Philadelphia Wedding. (You all have come through before: Remember our collection of your nightmare experiences as wedding guests? And your wedding-night sex gone wrong or, ahem, not had at all?)

Just send ’em in to with the subject “Lost & Found Rings,” and tell us your story. Your tales of missing baubles will bond you together—and instill a healthy dose of caution to those brides- and grooms-to-be about to add to their jewelry collection.

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