What Does Your First Dance Song Say About You?



Here at PW, we feel very strongly about first dance songs. We’ve witnessed far too many couples take their first twirl as husband and wife to songs that have no business being played at a wedding (ahem, like these stalking, cheating and break-up songs)—to not cover the topic regularly, plus we often hear that unlike their parents, many couples today don’t feel they have a “song,” and could use a little direction in choosing one for this Very Important Wedding Moment.

And if you do have a song, maybe it’s one that’s stuck with you and your to-be since your dating days—or maybe you’re going with one of these popular choices because you’re tired of brainstorming and want to check this task off your to-do list already. Either way, your first dance song often really does say something about your relationship, and if you haven’t chosen one yet, this playful breakdown about what your choice might signify about your relationship will certainly guide you in the right direction. (Or give you a chuckle if you’ve already selected the first tune you’ll dance to!)

Are you the Ed Sheeran type or more of an Ella Fitzgerald kind of couple? Find out here.

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