4 Philly Workout Classes That’ll Get You and Your Groom In Wedding Shape

Get wedding-day ready with your groom at these guy-friendly classes.



Sweat Three Ways

The UNITE Workout at Unite Fitness This addictive three-part workout covers all the bases—cardio, strength training, and stretching with yoga—for a fat-burning, muscle-toning and, at the end, relaxing sweat session.

Punch It Out

Boxing Fitness at Joltin’ Jabs During this 50-minute boxing workout, you’ll ditch the stress of wedding planning (hello, punching bags) and tone up at the same time, via speed-bag work, jump-roping, shadowboxing and more.

Stretch and Sculpt

Verge Yoga Sculpt at Verge Yoga Center Getting guys to do yoga can be tough, but this hybrid-style class is an easy sell: Warm up and cool down with yoga, and sculpt muscles with weighted balls and suspension training in between.

Pedal Power

Ride with Barry Lewis at Body Cycle Studio Warning You and your groom will walk out of this killer spin class, led by the seasoned triathlete, with complete jelly legs. But at least you’ll have each other to lean on.

This article originally appeared in the fall/winter 2015 issue of Philadelphia Wedding

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