Watch This Newlywed Couple Perform A Choreographed Mash-Up With Their Bridal Party

It’s Friday afternoon, folks, and if that’s not the best time to sit back and enjoy a thoughtfully choreographed dance by a newly married couple and their bridal party made up of a bunch of really good (or drunken) sports, then we don’t know when is!

And so, we’d like to present you with this delightful if not rather impressive dancing mash-up brought to you by Dave and Hollie Smith and their bridesmaids and groomsmen. We can’t imagine how many rehearsals this took (where did they do it, we wonder? Someone’s garage?), but with the range of song-and-dance combos from Beyonce and Rihanna to Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars—with a little “Soulja Boy” thrown in there for good measure—this has to have taken a while. Enjoy!

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