Getting Wedding Ready: Don’t Make These 9 Weight-Loss Mistakes

The other night, as I sipped on some sauv blanc while trying to decide what to make for dinner, the voices of brides who have gone before me echoed in my head—but I tried to push them out. I didn’t want to hear them, because those voices told me that if I wanted to meet my wedding weight/fit goals, I’d have to cut the wine way out. (My one friend allowed herself nothing but two vodka sodas a week in the months leading up to her wedding. Um, no.)

A quick text to a bestie comforted me that no, I should not be cutting out wine. “You need to live your life, and you need wine to live,” she said. “Just eat less.”

Welp, I do not think she is alone in thinking like that—I certainly readily agreed that I’d rather chop my dinner serving than the accompanying glass I was drinking—but alas, we all know deep down that that’s not a good idea, and it’s actually number five on this list of mistakes we are all guilty of making when trying to lose weight: Thou Shall Not Skip Dinner In the Name of Cocktails. {Sigh.}

A few of the other ways we sabotage our dieting selves listed here are also things we know deep down—but beg repeating—and others are probably not things you’ve really thought of (i.e.: cheat treats are much better than whole cheat days when it comes to staying on track). Take a look, examine your regimen, make a few tweaks—alright, alright, I will, too—and you’re guaranteed to beat a much healthier and more successful path to your wedding-day goals.

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