Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: If You’re Taking Wedding Photos Near the Water, Please Be More Careful

Over the years, we have seen things like this time and time again, and yet we find that people still haven’t gotten the hint that taking wedding photos near large bodies of water hold great potential for disaster.

Let us fill you in: First, there was Eric and Maegan’s wedding in Michigan where, during their portrait session, the entire bridal party toppled into the lake after the dock they were lined up on gave way.

The following year, it was like déjà vu when the dock that Frank and Tricia and all 29 (!) of their bridesmaids and groomsmen were standing on collapsed during their post-wedding photo shoot in Georgia.

And then finally we have Minnesota couple Dan and Jackie, who clearly didn’t learn a thing from any of the newlyweds who came before them—their huge bridal party also took a swim when the dock crumbled beneath them.

And now, we have this:

So as it turns out, bridal parties aren’t the only ones who risk making a splash to get a great photo. This poor photographer! We hope that in the end, all the snaps she had taken so far were safe and that she had someone she could call for a quick change of clothes and equipment.

But take this as a lesson, brides and wedding vendors alike, to pay a little bit more attention when lingering around water. Please!

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