5 Expert Tips to Follow if You’re Considering the Surprise Travel Trend for Your Honeymoon



Just the other day we came across an interesting Harper’s Bazaar article about the surprise travel trend. With this new fangled concept, vacationers speak to a travel agent, fill out a questionnaire, decide on a budget—and are then sent off to a mystery location with little knowledge as to what their trip will entail. The author of the article participated in such a trip—for her honeymoon!—and lived to tell the tale of how her surprise journey to Singapore actually turned out to be a great (albeit a little stressful) experience.

Though the surprise travel trend sounds like a neat idea for adventurous couples, the whole thing seemed a bit risky to us (especially for your ‘moon) and it’s certainly not something you’d want to leave up to any old travel agent you find online.

So with that in mind, we decided to chat with Jennifer Byrne of the Malvern-based travel concierge service The Tropical Travelers to get an expert opinion on how best to approach a surprise trip for your honeymoon. (She thinks surprise travel is a really cool option for couples who just can’t seem to get on the same page about where they want to go.)

Here are her top tips for those of you considering a surprise honeymoon:

  • The first thing to do is choose a date, whether that means you will depart right after your wedding or wait until another time. Plus, you need to decide how long you want to travel for because this can be a determining factor in how far you’re able to travel.
  • Determining your budget will be a key factor as well. Different destinations around the world come at all different prices.
  • Decide what type of honeymoon you really want. Do you want to backpack through Europe or do you prefer a surfing honeymoon in Australia. A beach vacation in the tropics might be more your cup of tea, or you may want a ski vacation. Narrowing the type of vacation will be necessary to ensure your happiness with the ultimate chosen destination.
  • Surprise travel requires you to be open-minded—if you prefer to know the outcome of life before it plays out, a surprise honeymoon may not be best suited to your lifestyle. But if you love surprises and enjoy a “go with the flow” attitude, this type of honeymoon may be perfect.
  • Planning a vacation can be overwhelming due to the amount of available choices, but planning a honeymoon is even more stressful. Working with a trustworthy travel consultant is necessary, especially with a surprise honeymoon. Choosing a qualified professional who has your best interest in mind is the best way to plan this special trip.

When speaking with your travel agent, it’s also important to ask about climate (that will determine the kinds of clothing you pack) and any other details you really need to know before embarking on your trip.

Happy planning!

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