Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gift-Giving Etiquette



Over the years we’ve fielded tons of questions about wedding gifts, and so we’ve done our very best to fill the blog with plenty of advice on the topic for both the bride and groom and their guests. For the engaged set, we’ve tackled the ins and outs of wedding registries and the best ways to ask for cash or honeymoon donations instead of kitchen gadgets and bath towels. And for the party goers, we’ve discussed how much to spend and whether or not gifts are actually necessary for all of those pre-wedding celebrations.

Still, the etiquette around wedding gift-giving can be a bit touchy, and since it’s a topic that every wedding guest encounters (and likely stresses over), we thought it would be helpful to share this very thorough guide, which provides answers to 11 of the most common gifting conundrums people face when a wedding invitation arrives in the mail.

All of your bases are covered here—including what to do if the couple gave you a gift or check at your wedding that you know you can’t reciprocate—and we think it’ll help clear up any lingering questions you have about what or how much to give.

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