8 Just-Married Couples Share the Tricky Ways They Saved Money On Their Wedding Day



We often think that some of the best wedding advice comes from couples whose weddings just happened. They’ve not only lived it—they’re not theorizing, the way some of your advice-givers might be—but they’ve lived it recently; their war stories are still going to be relevant to what you’re going through.

It’s the advice that seems to most often make us think to ourselves, Ooh, good idea! and that was definitely the case as we read through this roundup of what eight newlywed couples did in order to save a few bucks. We have no doubt that you’ll glean some great inspiration on how to cut costs without cutting corners from their ideas—from getting hitched at a city-owned not-for-profit historic site to creating a dessert spread at your laid-back outdoor celebration with contributions (and recipes!) from guests.

What have been the most helpful cost savers you’ve heard about or put into action?

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